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"Occupancy Recovery is Not a Guarantee" for Assisted Living

Says Beth Mace of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care

Lead-to-move-in ratio has declined across the industry, and a larger percentage of people are choosing to age at home. Lead aggregators are an expensive way to restore occupancy – our team has an approach that’s time proven and a better value for your marketing budget.

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4 Proven Assisted Living Marketing Tactics

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Boost online presence with promotion on

As a non-referral-fee senior living directory, offers multiple lead-generation opportunities with predictable expense lines. Our memory care and assisted living partners find that our site offers a high-value, low-cost way to build their prospect base.

  • Built to be seen: profiles are built with SEO best practices.
  • Built to engage: 51% of 2023 profile users engage with interactive elements.
  • Built to bring leads: these leads are shared only with the senior living community requested by the user. on laptop
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Targeted Behavioral Marketing

Families spend weeks researching assisted living and memory care online before reaching out to a provider. Our digital tactics put your community portfolio in front of them during this entire impressionable time, helping your company build credibility during the family’s local research journey.

  • Reach families when they’re reading about caregiving challenges.
  • Reach families after they tour an assisted living community.
  • Reach families when they search online for terms like “senior living solutions.”

Geofencing – Google Ads – Retargeting – Display – Contextual – Search Targeting

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Social Media Elevation

Let our professional team enhance your reputation via social media while your local team stays focused on sales and resident service.

  • Reach Boomers while they are online connecting with friends.
  • Reach the 55+ audience when they’re reading about retirement planning or downsizing.
  • Reach people who have engaged with content regarding active living.

Paid Social Media – Retargeting

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Traditional Marketing

Our premium publications bring your communities to life in the most tactile and engaging way. Curated content is delivered directly to select markets, ensuring your brand’s voice resonates with precision and impact.

  • 400K+ Seniors Guide Magazines in circulation which provide information on Retirement Communities, Home Care and Seniors Services.
  • 50K+ Seniors Guide At-A-Glances in circulation reaching and engaging medical referral networks in hospitals and care centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my property listed on

That’s easy! Simply fill out this form.

I have an assisted living occupancy challenge. How can I fill my building?

We find that a blend of digital tactics is the most potent way to approach this challenge. Contact us for a free exploratory discussion.

I have a tiny marketing budget. What should I do first?

Step 1: Build a Google Business Profile. Find directions here.
Step 2: Invest in quality, unique photography and/or video of your property. This will give you content to use on your Google Business Profile, on social media channels, and within other marketing elements.
Step 3: Get listed on, where predictable expenses can help fill your buildings. Contact Us.

I have recruitment challenges. What do I do?

If LinkedIn, Indeed, and other recruitment sites haven’t worked, try the more affordable options that we’ve developed. Our strategies target employed individuals who aren’t actively in the job market. Contact us for a free exploratory discussion.

How do I fix a reputation problem for my community?

Once operational challenges have been addressed, we have found that social media and a blend of digital tactics can be the quickest and most effective ways to reposition your brand in a positive light. Contact us for a free exploratory discussion.

Which social media site should I prioritize?

Prioritize Facebook, because as the says “Users aged 65 years and older are the platform’s fastest-growing demographic.”

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